Cylie 2.0

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A Kylie Skin inspired Shopify 2.0 theme. Cylie includes free upsell, urgency & unlimited page-building tools to help you maximize your ROAS & AOV.

Most of all, Cylie was designed with the best UI/UX principles to provide your customers with a smooth non-intrusive shopping experience. Save your money on traditional Shopify apps and create a shopping experience that both you and your customers will enjoy.

Theme Features

Sections and blocks provide more flexibility in how you arrange your store's content, enabling you to control the look and feel of your online store without needing to edit code. You can prepare Sense for your online store by adding and customizing sections and blocks, and modifying the theme settings. Learn about customizing sections and theme settings so that you can build your online store to suit your business, products, and brand.

Native Page Building

The overall layout of your online store is controlled by your theme. Your theme uses templates to specify what types of content appear in your store. Each template can contain up to 25 sections, and each section can contain up to 50 blocks.

Sections are modules that you can use to customize the layout of your online store. You can create templates which can then be customized by adding, removing, and rearranging sections and the blocks within. You can have up to 25 sections per template, and each section can contain up to 50 blocks.

Saved templates can be applied to new or existing pages and products using the theme editor or your Shopify admin. Sections can be customized and added to any page of your online store, with the exception of gift card and checkout pages.

Documentation & Specs

This Shopify theme is built on top of Shopify's official theme 'Sense' and upgraded with our Flagship Framework to provide you with more sections, upsell features & overall design freedom.

If you're looking for help with basic theme settings, sections & theme options please start here.

If you're looking for help with setting up more advanced features such as native upsells, sticky add to cart, cart pop up upsell, page building and so forth, please start here.

Starting at only $9

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